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Applique and in-the-hoop designs for computerized embroidery machines
Pegboard Crafts

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Q: I do not use PayPal but your checkout takes me to PayPal. What other options do I have for payment?

I do use the PayPal shopping cart system, but you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay using your credit card. Just click on the Don't have a PayPal account? link below the PayPal check in. You will be allowed to use your credit card to check out without signing in. The link to using your credit card without a PayPal account may sometimes say Pay with Debit or Credit card.

Q: Am I allowed to use your designs on items for sale?

A: Yes, you may. However you may not share any of my design files with others. You may edit the designs, but you may not claim any of the edited portions as your own designs. You have license to use my designs but Pegboard Crafts retains all rights.

Q: I purchased a design that is smaller than my hoop, but my machine will not accept it.

A: First, make sure that the design is in the correct format. The design may need to be rotated in the hoop. Another reason may be that the design is too large for your hoop. The size of design you can do in your hoop will be smaller than the physical dimensions of your hoop. Some designs may have too many colors or too many stitches for your machine. Please check in your manual or with your dealer if you do not know the limitation of designs that can used in your machine.

Q: May I return or exchange a design I purchased that is too large for my machine?

A: Due to the nature of the medium, design purchases cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Q: My computer crashed and I lost my designs. How much will it cost for me to get replacements?

A: You may request a free replacement for corrupted designs, or designs lost due to computer crashes. Any information you can give that will help me locate your records would be appreciated. These would be your name, the date of purchase, email address, design name and format.

For more information write to me at

Privacy statement. If any information is collected by this site - cookies, etc, it is used only by the site to assist you. I honestly wouldn't even know how to find and decipher anything collected. Credit card information is encryped and sent to my shopping cart company. I never see this information. Emails supplied on our orders are used to send you the designs and if necessary, updates related to those particular designs. It is never used to contact you for advertisements or supplied to any third parties. If you wish to receive updates, you may sign up to my groups on Yahoo or Facebook.