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Coldwater, Ohio

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  • FlyWithEmbird
    My private list for those who are interested in attending or setting up one of my learning seminars in their area. Or just drop in for a friendly chat with other Embird users.
  • Embird FlyIn
    Private mailing list. Nothing but notices of new classes and videos. No daily chatter.
  • Embird101
    This group is for newbies. No question is too "dumb" or been asked too many times. We discuss all parts of the Embird software.
  • AbsolutelyEmbird
    An on-topic list for all Embird users. Members help each other learn to use Embird to its fullest capacity.


Want to read about all of my past classes and comments from real students? Visit my blog ... Fly with Embird

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Fly with Embird. Open to all interested in learning more about my classes - or getting answers to their questions about Embird.

Embird Seminars 2014

Classes in your area?

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Are you interested in having an Embird class in your area?

If you are are an enterprising individual and determined to attend a class, you can help make it happen. Please contact me at

10+ students required.

Iowa Class

We are currently looking into having a class in the Cedar Rapids or Des Moines areas. No dates have been set yet, we are still trying to collect names of interested persons. If interested, please email me at

Philadelphia/DC Class

July 18/19. The class is over and I think it was successful. I had 17 students eager to learn more about Embird Editor. We learned about lettering, and pull compensation, and the best methods of separating pieces of the design. We even learned how to put the design back together after splitting for a multi-hoop stitchout. Not my favorite subject, but I think most of us "got it" in the end. We finished with an introduction to Embird Studio, the digitizing part of Embird. We may have another class on just Studio in the future.