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Fall Designs



The stitching around the edges gives these 6 appliqué designs a hand-stitched look. This set has an acorn, scarecrow, apple, pumpkin, squash and FALL design. For 4x4 inch hoops.

Fall Collection

Fall Small

This set of appliqué designs includes an oak leaf, 2 sizes of leaf basket, 3 sizes of pumpkin, and 1 pumpkin curls design. For 4x4 hoops.

Leaf Medley 4x4

Leaf Medley 4x4

The 4x4 set of appliqué designs includes 2 sizes each of an ash leaf, an aspen leaf, an elm leaf, a maple leaf and an oak leaf. There is one size of buckeye leaf for a total of 11 designs. 

Leaf Medley 5x7+

Leaf Medley 5x7+

This set of appliqué designs includes ash leaves, aspen leaves, a buckeye leaf, elm leaves, maple leaves and oak leaves. Available in your choice of 3 sizes starting with 5x7.

Stems and Berries

Stems and Berries

This collection of embroidery designs is a perfect complement to the Leaf Medley set. Use them alone or in combinations to create your own unique bouquets and borders. Total of 64 designs which all fit in the 4x4 hoop.

Fall Mug Rugs

Fall Mug Rugs

4 different mug rugs with fall designs. For the 5x7 hoop. Coordinate with my Leaf Medly and Stems and Berries design sets.

Individual Designs